Public Art creates constant interplay between the arts and entrepreneurship, resulting in renewable cycles of creativity, trade, and social exchange. This course examines the planning, implementation and project management of Public Art Projects. This focus also includes work health and safety (WHS) policies, procedures and legislative requirements.

This course focuses on understanding communities through research and analysis. Engaging diverse communities in ways that are participatory, empowering and inclusive. You will gain skills and knowledge to provide opportunities for community groups and individuals to participate and design cooperative arrangements for addressing common concerns and support existing community activities.

This course describes the skills and knowledge required to coordinate and review the promotion of an organization's products and services. Additionally you will gain skills and knowledge required to plan, implement and manage basic marketing and promotional activities that do not require detailed or complex planning or implementation.

This course focuses on planning, developing and promoting activities, events and public programs for different community groups. You will gain skills and knowledge required to research, develop and implement business or records systems for a small enterprise plus obtain revenue from private, public and community sources for Community Art and Cultural Development projects.